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  • Internet Information Services MP 6.0.7600.0

    Internet Information Services MP provides proactive and reactive monitoring of your Internet Information Services (IIS) environment. This management
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager 1.0

    Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager is an administration UI that provides end users and administrators with a way to remotely manage IIS
  • Internet Information Services Express 7.5

    IIS 7.5 ExPress enhances your ability to develop and test web applications on Windows by combining the power of IIS 7.5 with the convenience of a
  • Internet Information Services 6.0 Migration Tool -

    The Internet Information Services 6.0 Migration Tool is a command line tool that automates several of the steps needed to MOVE a Web application from
  • GP-Install 5.0

    GP-Install is an installation builder that combines an easy-to-use and intuitive builder application with a compact and functional installer to allow
  • EA Install 1.01

    EA Install is a program to create an installer for MetaTrader Expert Advisors. It has some features custom tailored for its specific function:
  • Just Install 2.1

    Now you can increase speed of installing applications/eBooks for Palm devices by using incredible software application Just Install. It is very easy
  • CD Install 1.1

    CD Install is a menu system with a graphic and RTF text. It has been specifically designed for installing or running programs from CDs though it may
  • HJ-Install 3.5.3

    HJ-Install is a freeware installer for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, NT, 95, 98, ME. It is created with Internet distributed, CD-Rom, single-floppy
  • Sub::Install 0.925

    Sub::Install - install subroutines into packages easily. This module makes it easy to install subroutines into packages without the unslightly mess
  • Install-It 2.0

    When burned to the root of a CD, Install-It will automatically launch when the CD is inserted and display a list of program setup files which have
  • Zero Install 2.1.0

    Zero Install is a decentralized cross-platform software-installation system available under the LGPL. It allows software developers to publish
  • Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe 5.6

    Antamedia Internet Cafe software provides full billing and income control, locks unused computers, generates detailed reports and statistics and
  • Internet Research Scout Plug-In for Internet Explorer 1.33

    Handy IE Plug-in especially designed for online research and easy way to save information from the Internet. The plug-in is capable of capturing
  • Neat Install 1.0

    Neat Install is a set of high-quality graphics compatible with the following installation tools: InstallShield, InnoSetup, NSIS, AWInstall, VISE,
  • Install-Block 2.0.6

    Install-Block enables you to require a password to be entered in order for new software to be installed on your computer. An ideal solution for
  • Install Creator 2

    Install Creator a very easy to use and professional tool to create software installations. It offers a wizard interface that lets you select the files
  • ID Install Watch 1.2

    ID Install Watch is a fast and accurate program meant to oversee the functioning of an installation and to monitor the removal of software or
  • install-us Professional 2007

    install-us provides professional functions for distribution via Internet, CD, DVD and disks. Supports Windows 3.1 to Vista platforms; Self
  • Multi Install 2.4.5

    Multi Install is an advanced cd/dvd menu authoring system for your own creations. A "Multi Installer" is an install program that can install
  • Speed Install

    Speed Install is an automatic software installation tool with a simple and intuitive interface. After you start Speed Install on your computer, it
  • Install Creator Pro 2.0.25

    Install Creator Pro Added Features Ability to generate multiple installations in the same install program (e.g. unregistered and registered version,
  • Little Install Builder 1.04

    The application lets you easily create setup files There are a lot of setup applications available, but I found that their code may add more than
  • FlyVPN Install

    FlyVPN is a easy-use USA VPN client which can unblock websites,anonymous surfing FlyVPN Client is a user-friendly VPN application which helps you
  • XP Repair Install 1.0

    The system repair function helps you to remove any updates you have previously installed that are not included on the CD. When finished, you may
  • install PC Win Boot 1.0

    PC Win Boot is used to create custom Windows PE boot disks. The target media could be a CD, DVD or USB stick/Drive. You can include any programs into
  • HCN Install Tools 3.12.1

    HCN Install Tools includes robust tools to facilitate the secure exchange of patient information between clinicians. No other clinical software
  • Install Asman 2.0

    You can create subtitles (MicroDVD format) by using this program. Whenever you save the subtitle, it wil be saved in the same directory of the video
  • Install Unattended Pro 3.0

    Install Unattended Pro is created to free you from routine work such as program installations. All you have to do is to install the application only
  • No XPI Install Delay 1.0

    No XPI Install Delay Removes Firefox Extension???s Install Delay. When we install a Firefox Add-on Firefox delays 3 seconds to show ???Install???
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  • MiddleSurfDialer 1.5.2

    This program offers a greate vareity of services like: surf the internet more secure , abillity to use a dynamic ip even if you're using a virtual address in your end, use internet the way people are using it in US ,
  • Service Control N/A

    ServiceControl is a small GUI utility to start/Stop/Configure/install/Delete NT based services. It requires no installation, just run the exe. Makes installing services a breeze. Ideal for programmers that are creating
  • Exe To Service 2.0

    Exe To Service enables you to install any Windows executable, Visual Basic or Java script as a service. Windows services are background processes that do not interfere with the logged user's environment. Windows services
  • DuVoize-V4.0.0.0 4.0

    DuVoize is a next generation internet telephony provider,introducing to the internet community world wide innovative voice and advanced real time communication services over the public internet.It can give you much more
  • Enterprise Service Manager 1.0

    install windows services on your network computers easily from your desktop.With Enterprise Service Manager you can install windows services into a single or to many computers on your network, in few secondsWith
  • Windows Media Services

    install the latest version of Windows Media services and related remote administration tools Windows Media services 9 series for Windows Server 2003 is an industrial-strength platform for streaming live or on-demand
  • Enterprise Service Manager Classic License 1.0

    install and create windows services on your network computers easily from your desktop. With Enterprise Service Manager you can install and Create windows services into a single or to many computers on your network, in
  • Enterprise Service Manager Lite License 1.0

    install and create windows services on your network computers easily from your desktop. With Enterprise Service Manager you can install and Create windows services into a single or to many computers on your network, in
  • Enterprise Service Manager Pro License 1.0

    install and create windows services on your network computers easily from your desktop. With Enterprise Service Manager you can install and Create windows services into a single or to many computers on your network, in
  • Dns IP Updater 0.3 Beta

    Dynamic Update Service Windows Client Update Dynamic DNS using a Windows Service - installation: UnZip the contents of the zip file into a folder - Run the required bat files to install the services. Please note
  • HotService 2.3

    install HotService, a Cocoa input manager bundle, and all Shortcuts of services are available right after launching Cocoa applications. Up to Mac OS X 10.3.9, you have to pull down the application menu at least once
  • Service+ 4.10.71

    A must-have administration utility for Windows services management which will allow you to: 1. Control services: - Start/stop/pause multiple services simultaneously - Display real-time status - End non responding service
  • ServLoader 0.02 Beta

    ServLoader would be useful when you have a number of services and you want to monitor, control their activity. Also it is possible to install/uninstall/manage your own
  • ColdFusion 9 .NET Integration Service Installer -

    The ColdFusion 9 .NET Integration Service allows ColdFusion to access .NET assemblies from a local or remote machine. If .NET assemblies exist locally, select the .NET Integration services option when you install
  • AdvancedWinServiceManager 2.0.1

    'Windows Service' is a program designed to perform specific service which is started automatically when Windows boots and runs as long as System is up and running. services normally run with 'System' privilege thus
  • Internet Information Services MP 6.0.7600.0

    internet Information services MP provides proactive and reactive monitoring of your internet Information services (IIS) environment. This management pack provides an early warning to administrators on issues that could
  • Tiles On Line 1.0

    The first product from WebBridge series for operation with internet tiles maps in the environment of ArcGIS. The program allows to connect directly in project ArcMap the raster layer linked to one of internet services,
  • Xmarks for IE 1.33

    Xmarks for IE is software or utility that can match your favorites between numerous computers. It has no charge and it is open services that store a copy of your record in the internet server. First you make save your
  • Observation Post 1.2

    Observes changes in: Bonjour, Network, Sleep, USB, FireWire, Volumes, Files, Folders, Smart Folders - uses Growl to post notifications. Provides tables of the Currently connected: Bonjour services, USB Devices,
  • Services Monitor 1.3

    services Monitor 1.3 is described as a free and useful tool designed to enable users to monitor critical Windows services and optionally restart them after failure. The tool monitors all automatic startup services on
  • High Speed Internet Deals 1.0

    The Best Comcast Cable Savings Available. Get Comcast Cable TV, High Speed (Broadband) internet and Digital Voice (Phone) Special Deals here. Comcast Cable sets the needs of the customer number one by providing every
  • Exe2Serv 1.2

    Exe2Serv - Programs to services Exe2Serv is an advanced system utility which allows you to run any application program executable as Windows service without the need to log in to a Windows session. You can start them
  • iNet Protector 4.7

    With iNet Protector you can restrict access to the Web and password protect internet connection. You can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit internet
  • Windows HTTP Services Certificate Configuration Tool 1

    The Microsoft Windows HTTP services (WinHTTP) Certificate Configuration Tool, WinHttpCertCfg.exe, enables administrators to install and configure client certificates in any certificate store that can be accessed by the
  • Adore Softphone 3.0

    Adoresoft delivers SIP-based communications and services for PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC and PC-to-PC services surrendering the world at your desktop. The Softphone allows a person to communicate over internet with any
  • KL-GeoCoder

    KL-GeoCoder is a small and useful tool for converting your address data into geographical coordinates. Geocoding is the basis for provision of location based services like Logistic services, location based internet
  • U-Tel Phone 4.0

    UTELPHONE is one of the leading VoIP(Voice over internet Protocol)Service Provider Specializing in internet Telephony Solutions for business, VoIP reseller programs and VoIP carrier services across varied areas of
  • Pacenet Dialer 3.0

    Pacenet Dialer is a program designed for phones calling from your desktop PC.. A Private Limited Company incorporated on 17-April-2000, with the primary objective of providing internet system and services including
  • Cape Clear 4.7

    Cape Clear 4 provides a complete Web services platform for designing, developing, integrating, deploying, securing, and managing Web services. Using version 4, you can create new Java Web services or generate Web
  • Webaroo for Mobile 1

    Now you can get the contents of internet on your mobile phone with the help of Webaroo for Mobile 1 program. It gives you response of your searchers quickly because the contents are cached on your phone. It is very easy