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  • Devolutions.WSE

    Devolutions WSE is a small Library build to simplify and enhance Web Service error handling. The goal is to simplify error handling with a centralized event. When an exception is raised in a Web Services, ASP.Net catch
  • IEFix 1.6

    IEFix - is a general purpose repair utility for internet explorer which repairs internet explorer by registering it's core DLL files and reinstalls using the IE.INF file. More Information is given below. Suitable for
  • Best Registry Software 1.0

    Best Registry Software will speed up your computer greatly by cleaning up your system, defragmenting disks, clearing invalid registry entries, repairing PC errors and adjusting Windows settings to its peak
  • Link Checker 6.05

    Whether you have a small, large, or enormous amount of Favorites in internet explorer, Favorites Inspector is for you. With Favorites Inspector, you can manage your internet explorer Favorites. The best part of
  • BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 2.8.159

    BackRex internet explorer Backup is a backup and restore tool for internet explorer. It allows you to save your current configuration of internet explorer including favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup
  • MyMVC 2.0

    MyMVC is a framework for Adobe AIR (or Flex) applications. It is designed with the following principles (in addition to standard model-view-controller principles): Front controller should be able to register a
  • PageFix 2.0

    PageFix DNS error fix software fixes websites that display the 'The page cannot be displayed' 'Cannot find server or DNS error' in Microsoft internet explorer. If you are able to visit certain web pages on your laptop or
  • Find As You Type voor Internet Explorer 1.3

    Find As You Type for internet explorer is an add-on for internet explorer 6 and newer that provides this kind searching functionality. It adds a toolbar to internet explorer where you can type search terms, and it will
  • WhatsUp Event Rover 10.1.0

    WhatsUp event Rover lets you view and mine log data across all servers and workstations from one console.With WhatsUp event Rover spot checking log files is much easier, since common security event identifiers are always
  • PHP Event Calendar 1.1

    PHP event Calendar is one of the most customizable calendars on the internet. It allows unlimited combinations of sizes, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting dates, language, etc... Once
  • LittleBrowse

    LittleBrowse is an open-source web browser based off the internet explorer engine. It is designed as a replacement for internet explorer, by retaining all of internet explorer's capability while creating a small, easy to
  • IE Maximizer 1.20

    This is a program which one helps the users of internet explorer every day. The program was specially built to simplify most widespread tasks of Microsoft browser users. Features in current version: - Kill unwanted popup
  • blueshell Error Guy 0.2.27

    blueshell error Guy : you really need it! If you have any calls to user-defined functions or subs in your code (have you ever seen another program?), you need to be very aware of this feature of Visual Basic's error
  • VB Crash Shield 1.0.11

    VB Crash Shield is an error-handling code generator for Visual Basic 5.0. It will automatically insert error-handling code into every procedure, function, and event of your application. Once the error-handling code is
  • LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar 1.4

    LuxCal is an innovative web based event calendar for home use and small businesses. It is easy to setup and allows easy and fast management of your calendar events from any internet PC at home, in the office, on
  • LX Event 2.0.9

    LX event software offers the most comprehensive and flexible way to handle ECG data from looping event recorders. error code detection and correction make this the most reliable and accurate ECG capture software on the
  • MetaProducts TBookmarks Demo

    This Delphi component will help you to display MS internet explorer Favorites (4.0 - 8.0,) MSN explorer, Opera Hotlists (3.0 - 9.0) and Netscape, Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Mozilla Bookmarks (2.0 - 8.0) in a menu. With
  • IESessions 1.04

    Store sessions for internet explorer browser at Amazon S3 Service or locally. Now BaoBau IESessions supports Amazon S3 Storage, internet explorer 6 and internet explorer 7 browsers and serves as a convenient alternative
  • Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 8

    The key features of internet explorer 9 Platform Preview are as follow: it features Backgrounds & Borders as well as DOM L2 events, and DOM Core Namespaces, etc; it dispatches APIs and registers events; it includes
  • DjVu Browser Plug-in

    The DjVu Browser Plug-in is the primary means of viewing DjVu documents. It runs inside most modern browsers such as internet explorer, Firefox and Safari. Change log: fix: pComment variable of
  • SmartTrace 3.3

    SmartTrace is software that provides an easier way to trace your applications activity and allows consolidation application logs such as error tracking, messages, debug strings and much more. It is a common situation
  • WebWatch 3.18 Build 2007

    WebWatch is a http(s) / FTP monitor that continuously monitors webserver availability and performance. In the event of network errors, WebWatch can alert the Network Administrator by net send / email / cell phone / etc.
  • aSkin 1.0

    aSkin is a cool program that cycles images (skins) over your explorer and internet explorer. Each time you open explorer or internet explorer a new skin will decorate its background. aSkin is 100% FREE. Using aSkin
  • WebFormator 2.4

    The webformator displays the content of a web page, as it is shown in the internet explorer, in a seperate window, where you can have it read to you at any time. Works with Blindows and all other screenreaders.This
  • SpotIE 2.6.2

    SpotIE is an internet explorer Password Recovery software to recover passwords to web sites saved in Microsoft internet explorer, and AutoComplete strings. It is a comprehensive solution for recovering all types of
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

    internet explorer 6.0 includes many new and enhanced features that can simplify the daily tasks you perform while helping you to maintain the privacy of your personal information on the Web. The integrated Advanced
  • Internet Explorer Lockdown 1.0 Build 1.00.

    This simple, but powerful program will enable you to Lock down internet explorer 8 (IE 8) or higher preventing users from undesired access to internet explorer settings and websites. Customize browser buttons, toolbars,
  • Network Equipment Performance Monitor 2.4

    NEPM is the vital troubleshooting tool that you need to get beyond polling-based monitoring to true downtime and event detection, tracking, and correction. Unique precursor event links drill down to the causes of
  • IE AutoLogin 2.12

    IE AutoLogin is an internet explorer Web Password Manager that enables you to log into a website with just one click. It seamlessly integrated with internet explorer and can be access from a toolbar that becomes a part
  • Windows 8 Log Collector 1.0.6

    Windows 8 Log Collector is a standalone exe file that will help you to easily collect the log files for MSINFO32, Minidump, event logs, Host file, and internet explorer in Windows 8. What is new: This version is