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  • Ram Dog Internet Activity Monitor 1.2

    Ram Dog PC Monitoring Software was developed as a home security solution that empowers parents to be certain that their children are not engaged in
  • Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 7.3.2

    The Clever Internet ActiveX Suite represents com-based components for sending and retrieving mail, download and upload Internet resources over most
  • Internet Content Filter ActiveX 1.2

    Internet Content Filter ActiveX is a useful tool where you need to block some browsing. There are many places like companies and offices where you
  • Dangerous Activity 2.2

    Dangerous Activity is a game that combines arcade and logic styles. As soon as you start the game, you enter the World War II era, which complements
  • Dangerous activity 3D 3.0

    Dangerous Activity 3D is a new head-scratching puzzle. If you are a fan of Microsoft's Minesweeper, then its idea and rules should be familiar to you.
  • Activity Logger 8.3

    Spy software that runs invisible and records how your child, spouse or employee uses computer. SoftActivity Keylogger records to a log file visited
  • Activity Monitor 10.4

    This program is for real time monitoring of users activities on network computers and for employees' work time tracking. It monitors usage of all
  • GC Assign Activity for MS CRM 4.0 1.00

    GC - Assign Activity to Multiple Accounts for MS CRM 4.0 is a simple but very handy add-on for Microsoft CRM 4.0. It lets you add any type of the
  • Activity Indicator

    Activity Indicator is an easy to use program that indicates the HDD activity in the system tray. The application contains advanced logging
  • Net Activity Diagram 2.5 SR1

    The program lets you monitor and control your network traffic. Visualizing your Internet activity is simple - the program is easy, even for
  • Activity Timer 1

    Find out how many hours you spend on projects. Also a way to keep an eye on the time you have worked in the current session. Musical alarms and eye
  • Activity Manager Pro 5.2

    Activity Manager Pro is designed to meet the specific needs of activity desks and tour resellers. It has the added ability to manage multiple
  • Activity Manager 5.1.2

    Activity Manager is a solution that has been tailored for tour operators. It includes basic accounting features and has the ability to create and
  • WF ADO.NET Activity Pack CTP 1 Beta

    A set of activities and designers for ADO.NET which enable access to a database through SQL commands or stored procedures within a
  • HDD Activity Widget 1.0.3

    This indicates the read and write accesses to the selected local disk via WMI graphically and as percent count. Available in German and English. The
  • Activity Registration 1.00

    Installation of Activity Registration is pretty easy. Just create a new directory and copy ACTREG.EXE to it. Create A Shortcut for it and just click
  • Activity Reporter 1.0.0

    This soft would act as an ideal spy without the knowledge of the user that their every key stroke/ every activity on the computer or internet is
  • PC Activity Monitor Net 6.5.1

    PC Activity Monitor Net??? is ultimately invisible and undetectable easy-to-use surveillance software for both networked and personal PCs. It is
  • Web Activity Agent 1.1

    Web Activity Agent is a cool technology for handling data all over the internet.Web Activity Agent captures data from any HTML PaGE, stores it and
  • Activity and Authentication Analyzer 1.64

    Your PC keeps records of both your online and off-line activity. Any of the Web Pages, Movies, Pictures, Sounds, E-mail and Everything Else you have
  • PC Activity Monitor (PC Acme) 6.5.1

    PC Activity Monitor (PC Acme) is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for both networked and personal
  • PC Activity Monitor Net (PC Acme Net) 6.5.1

    PC Activity Monitor Netâ„¢ is ultimately invisible and undetectable easy-to-use surveillance software for both networked and personal PCs. It is
  • Printer Activity Monitor 3.9

    Printer usage monitoring is essential in almost any business, especially businesses that rely on large amounts of printing. Printing can get very
  • Employee Activity Monitor 4.76

    Employee Activity Monitor is a software that is used by the employers who are not always around to watch over their employees in monitoring their
  • Sticker Activity Pages 1.00.39

    With the Sticker Activity Pages, kids find the correct sticker that matches the spot on the page that has the outline of the sticker. The scene on the
  • PC Activity Monitor Professional 1.2

    PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for
  • EAM - Employee Activity Monitor 090715

    Employee monitoring software for enterprise and corporate employers. EAM - Employee Activity Monitor is designed to monitor employees' Internet
  • Activity Monitoring Software 13.02.01

    Employee computer monitoring through manual process is extremely difficult in the large organizations. Such organizations must take help of third
  • Monitor Computer Activity 13.02.01

    Business organizations can significantly reduce the misuse of office resources by their employees with Employee Desktop Live Viewer. This software can
  • HomeGuard Activity Monitor 2.6.1

    HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will
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  • ActiveX Message Killer for IE 1.0.1

    You use the internet Explorer browser? The "Do you want to allow software such as activex controls and plug-ins to run?" windows keep popping up when you view web pages? Annoyed because you have to close those windows
  • A+ Web Privacy Service 2.1

    A+ Web Privacy Service is an Online Service that hides your IP address and provides a high level of protection from the ever-increasing variety of Web-based online threats: online trackers, spammers, harvesters and
  • Telnet SSH ActiveX 2.0

    Do you want to have telnet and SSH client connection functionality in your program? Now it is easy to implement this feature with Telnet SSH activex.Telnet SSH activex Component is a standard activex component. It can be
  • IP Works ActiveX Edition 8.0.3050

    IP works activex Edition is a complete framework for all the internet development and is the core building block of most software production. It makes you able to develop internet with ease, it makes you able to program
  • Audio CD ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    CDA Audio CD activex 1.0 is a collection of audio CD OCXs (activex) for software developers. 1) CDA Converter activex (OCX) to convert CDA tracks from an audio CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files. 2) Audio
  • Win-Lib File Downloader ActiveX 1.0.1

    File Downloader activex 1.0.1 is an activex component for developers that can download files from the internet.It supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, allowing you to simply specify files you wish to download and wait
  • Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0

    Unistal activity Reporter is affordable computer monitoring utility for recording each and every activities of remote or local PC without knowledge of user. It is efficient and easy to use internet monitoring tool which
  • Telnet SSH ActiveX Component 2.0.2009.601

    Telnet SSH activex Component 2.0.2009.601 is a standard activex component, which brings the telnet and SSH client connection functionality to your program. Telnet SSH activex Component can be easily integrated into
  • TakeReal Autocloser 1.6

    Restrict activex by setting internet Explorer so that it will Ask your permission to activate activex should a website make a request. In that case you should make sure to yourself whether or not that website is
  • SMS22 ActiveX

    SMS22 activex/COM enables your application to send SMS messages from any internet-connected PC to any cellular phone on more than 300 cellular networks worldwide using public free reliable internet-to-Cellular SMS
  • IconEmpire 2.0

    A windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP program StayAlive simulates internet activity and prevents you from disconnecting your ISP. Its major features are it can work with modem, adsl or cable connections and simulates the
  • ALSEDI PGuard

    PGuard (abbreviation for Privacy Guard) an easy-to-use tool for protecting information about your activity on the internet and on your personal computer. PGuard deletes all activity traces from internet browsers,
  • ActiveX Compatibility Manager 1.00

    Now you can easily disable/enable the activex components on IE browser by using activex Compatibility Manager. It does this by setting the "kill bit" of the desired CLSID under the following Registry key:
  • 12 in 1 Sonic Suite Bundle Group Edition 1.0

    12 in 1 Bundled Sonic Suite offers 12 sonic tools in 1 Suite. It lets you improve and modify your applications professionally. The activation code will be sent by email after purchasing it and you will be then able to
  • Newport Software NSWatch 1.00

    Newport Software NSWatch provides a quick and easy way to monitor your children's computer activity. Easy to use software provides real-time screen snapshots and activity logs. Computer activity can be viewed using
  • statlook 2 2.1.4

    statlook is a powerful tool for internet usage monitoring, user activity recording, remote helpdesk, screen capture, application usage tracking and work time control. In-depth reports and statistics enable you to manage
  • File Download ActiveX 1.0.1

    File Download activex is an activex component for developers that can download files from the internet. Fast and easy. With this component you can download files directly from the internet to the hard drive, with a
  • Anonymity Gateway 3.3

    Anonymity Gateway masks your IP address preventing websites or ISPs from monitoring your surfing habits and your internet activity. Anonymity Gateway uses proxy servers to route your internet traffic, meaning that your
  • VeryDOC PDF Viewer ActiveX Control 2.0

    VeryDOC PDF Viewer activex Control is a PDF file viewer component. PDF Viewer activex Control provides a standalone embeddable PDF Viewer for windows application developers. Using Visual Basic, VC, Delphi, C#, HTML
  • VeryDOC PDF Reader SDK ActiveX 2 10

    VeryDOC PDF Reader SDK (activex) is a PDF file viewer component. PDF Reader SDK provides a standalone embeddable PDF Reader for windows application developers. Using Visual Basic, VC, Delphi, C#, HTML (internet Explorer)
  • ActiveXHelper 1.12

    View activex components information. activexHelper is a small utility that allows you to view essential information about activex components installed on your computer. You can view the entire (and very large !) list
  • IP Hider 4.9

    IP Hider is privacy protection software. This software enables you to mask IP address and prevent your internet activity form monitoring by websites or ISPs over the internet. It has ability to remove all online traces
  • BySoft StayAlive Pro

    StayAlive Pro is freeware windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP program that simulates internet activity so you don't get disconnected from your ISP. Features: - Works with modem, adsl or cable connections - Simulates internet
  • VeryDOC PDF View OCX Control 2.10

    VeryDOC PDF View OCX Control (activex) is a PDF file Viewer component. PDF View OCX Control provides a standalone embeddable PDF View for windows application developers. Using Visual Basic, VC, Delphi, C#, HTML (internet
  • RegiCleanse 4.0

    RegiCleanse is simple and easy to use software which will optimize your computer to fix computer errors such as slow computer operation, blue screen errors, DeadLock errors, computer freezes and much more. RegiCleanse
  • VeryDOC PDF Viewer OCX Control 2.0

    VeryDOC PDF Viewer OCX Control (activex) is a PDF file viewer component. PDF Viewer OCX Control provides a standalone embeddable PDF Viewer for windows application developers. Using Visual Basic, VC, Delphi, C#, HTML
  • Activex Dialer Removal Tool 1.0

    Remove activex Dialer completely with activex Dialer Removal Tool! Effectively removes activex Dialer files and registry keys Kills the core of activex Dialer and not only symptoms Immunizes your PC so the chance
  • Fast File Download ActiveX 2.3

    Fast File Download activex is an activex component(activex control) that can fast download files from the internet. You can use it to quickly develop your file download applications. It can be easy used with modern
  • SkSNTP ActiveX Control 7.0

    SkSNTP activex Control is a lightweight and powerful SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) activex control that can be used for very accurate local clock synchronization with a remote time server across the internet. The
  • Hidden Desktop 1.28

    Hide chats, web activity, and personal files Hidden Desktop creates a secret user profile on your computer that can only be accessed by hotkey. The software constantly monitors in the background; hiding and restoring